Why crowdfunding? Based on a successful programme in Lebanon (http://livelebanon.org) and the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) work in Yemen promoting youth and women entrepreneurs, Yemen Our Home will connect Yemenis from around the world around critical projects that are helping their home regions recover and take first steps to build a stronger and more sustainable economy. The programme draws on the strengths of UNDP’s office in Yemen and its trusted relationships on the ground with actors defining local solutions to local problems. 

What is our objective? To link Yemen with its diverse Diaspora and all those interested in helping the country at this critical time. Yemen our Home will encourage Yemeni expatriates to support and drive early recovery efforts that will improve living conditions of the most vulnerable populations in Yemen. 

For which priorities? With the rapidly changing situation in Yemen, Yemen Our Home will immediately support humanitarian and early recovery efforts such as waste and debris removal, sanitation, water and health and revive social businesses bringing positive change for affected communities. We will also support toward basic needs of food production, solar power and reconstruction. Priorities are determined by communities themselves, through a participatory process.

How are projects selected? Following an expression of interest, Yemen Our Home projects are formulated through a participatory and inclusive process involving community actors called “Voices of Yemen”. “Voices of Yemen” are community-level consultations led by UNDP in key governorates where staff and implementing partners are present and where access is possible, using inclusive focus group discussions that seek to: (i) identify fragilities, (ii) prioritise opportunities and challenges, and (iii) highlight the vulnerability of community livelihoods assets to sustain the crisis. The opportunities presented constitute the backbone of Yemen Our Home projects. 

Is it safe to donate? Yemen Our Home uses a safe and secure payment gateway through the renowned and trusted Indiegogo platform. Offline donations can be made by cheque or bank wire, following the rules and regulation of UNDP. Once a donation is made and a project fully funded, implementation will be initiated with regular updates and reports on progress and field visits organized. Funds will be handled by UNDP in a transparent and accountable manner, with adequate risk mitigation measures in place, as we have acquired the field experience and developed partnerships with trusted actors. We are a neutral, non-political, non-religious organization and donations are going to their intended purpose only. If you have any questions, you can reach us anytime at info@yemenourhome.org. 

Does UNDP charge indirect cost to my donation? As per its policy, UNDP charges 8% of every contribution received for its General Management Services (GMS) to cost-recover its management and oversight of donations transferred for Yemen Our Home. Depending on each project, other direct costs may apply that are related to engineering studies, monitoring visits and other tools to ensure quality and accountability. Project budgets are inclusive of GMS and direct project costs.