Solar energy for Al-Safra clinics

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100,000 patients and their families

War in Yemen is having a devastating impact on health services, compromising the provision of emergency health services. Due to the damaged and disrupted electricity supply lines, most of the country’s hospitals are not fully operating – in particular the operation theatres, the intensive care units, and emergency wards are barely functioning. The heightened fuel crisis, with diesel scarcely available, is further diminishing their capacity to run the generators. The hospitals are unable to cope with the growing number of emergency casualties, putting many lives at risk. Al-Safra health centres are the only health clinics in the area serving the needs of 100,000 people and internally displaced families.


The project will support two clinics with 15kw solar power to restore its emergency services, in particular operation theatres and the intensive care unit. It will (i) provide and install solar power namely solar photovoltaic, batteries, and charger; and (ii) train the maintenance department staff in solar power system repair to ensure for the sustainability of the provided equipment.

Three months