Yemen Our Home and Sabafon partnering to bring relief to physically disabled and war victims in Sana’a

Sana’a, 26 April 2016 –The UNDP Yemen Our Home initiative and Sabafon Telecommunication Company, the first GSM network operator in Yemen, have signed a contribution agreement to establish a medical mobile clinic in Sho’ub District in Sana’a Capital City. The clinic will provide medical services and improve reach to the physically disabled and war-injured.

This contribution will enable the establishment of a mobile clinic in Sho’ub district and improve the quality and reach of medical services provided to the disabled, war victims and diabetic patients who have struggled to source much needed insulin since March 2015. The mobile clinic will also be licensed from relevant national health authorities and provided with first aid and essential medicine equipping its van. 7,000 patients and their families will indirectly benefit from this project.

“This contribution is part of Sabafon’s strategy to enhance partnership between the private sector and the community under the slogan ‘Yemen brings us together’. This is a good step towards easing the burdens of war victims and we look forward to continue working with UNDP for a better future in Yemen,” said Sulaiman Maresh, the Public Relations Manager at Sabafon Company.

Since March 2015, the conflict has jeopardized the capacities of millions of Yemenis to access basic services. Many healthcare, educational and social facilities have been closed or damaged while those still operating are facing tremendous operational challenges to remain functional. The destruction of livelihoods sources for many families have also exacerbated the shocks experienced since the crisis erupted last year.

“The mobile clinic idea responds to one of the communities’ most pressing challenges as many specialized medical centers have been severely affected by conflict. Supporting community projects as the mobile clinic not only will help to restore basic services but also will encourage social entrepreneurship to solve community problems and create job opportunities for youth,” said Ayman Allwasai, one of entrepreneurial youth who developed the clinic business idea.

Yemen Our Home is a UNDP initiative seeking to rally the Yemeni diaspora, organizations and the private sector to restore basic services and address community priorities related to youth and women economic empowerment, water provision and solar energy. Through its dedicated online platform, Yemen Our Home connects donors to channel their support to a community cause, in full transparency and accountability.

“We hail this generous contribution by Sabafon to support and help reintegrating an important segment of the society. The private sector continues to play an important role in crisis, providing goods and services to the affected communities,” said UNDP Country Director, Ms. Mikiko Tanaka. “We call upon the private sector in the country and the diaspora to contribute on the Yemen Our Home platform to give hope to those suffering,” she added.