What we do?

UNDP is building the resilience of crisis-affected populations in Yemen noting that the country’s reconstruction and recovery will require everyone who cares for a better and stronger Yemen working together. The Yemeni Diaspora is an important and untapped asset for this realization, and UNDP, through Yemen Our Home, seeks to engage them for the future of Yemen and to alleviate hardships of vulnerable communities.

Yemen Our Home will be articulated into three main campaigns to support the most urgent recovery needs such as rebuilding and rehabilitating public and socio-economic infrastructure, reviving businesses to fight unemployment and bring solutions to community challenges, and economically empowering women as agents of change and for the revitalization of the local economy. We care for a greener, more productive and inclusive Yemen, where generations can safely attain their dreams and potential.


Our mission is accelerate the recovery and reconstruction of Yemen and improve the living conditions of affected-population. This will be achieved in partnership with the Yemeni Diaspora and all those who, like us, want to see a better country for its future generations.

Yemen Our Home is apolitical and non-religious. We select project according to the needs and feasibility only and work with trusted actors.


Yemen Our Home will rely on your participation, spreading the word to your friends, family, colleagues and network. Although initially supported by UNDP, Yemen Our Home will live through and thanks to your donations online, or contacting us directly.

Yemen Our Home will also identify a number of Goodwill Ambassadors who will dedicate their time and efforts, establishing the connection between Yemen Our Home and individuals, associations, and companies willing to contribute and make a difference. 

Mobilising a crowd to support Yemen is the core of Yemen Our Home. We also receive donations to our projects through the Indiegogo platform, linked with Yemen Our Home providing safe and secure transactions from wherever in the world.